Business Tank (UK) Ltd, is a specialist team of Business professionals with over one hundred years combined experience, professionally and public sector accredited to SFEDI.


Does your business have a problem?

How we could support your business.

Business problems are countless, including the state of the economy, the high cost of insurance, taxes, red tape, health & safety, lack of bank lending, competition within the UK and from abroad, transport issues, employee skills gaps and shortages, and the list just goes on.

  • Cash flow problems?
  • Need to increase sales?
  • Cannot raise investment
  • Finance for your business?
  • Need to reduce costs?
  • Problems with suppliers?
  • Business stagnating with low growth?
  • Need to develop new markets?
  • Need to get more from your staff?
  • Declining market?
  • Need new products?


We have helped hundreds of small and medium size businesses to improve their bottom line through planned, profitable growth and cost savings. Our multi-disciplined team are able to draw upon their collective and individual, commercial and public sector, experience plus their extensive networks to offer practical, hands on solutions to help to improve, develop and grow your business.

  • Help your business grow
  • Practical business support
  • ‘Hands on’ business development
  • Getting more out of static resources
  • Stabilising and improving financial performance
  • Increasing staff productivity and motivation
  • Remove cost by way of IT and process development
  • Creating deliverable strategies to achieve longer term goals


The team

Meet the people who help

Sandra Harding

Sandra is a highly experienced business coach and mentor with an unrivalled track record in helping SME’s to succeed. After, gaining her degree in Marketing (CIM) she was head-hunted, to join a corporate finance company as Marketing Director.  With the responsibility for developing the company’s profile in the financial and professional intermediaries sector in the […]

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Paul Basil

Paul has extensive experience in the Financial Services, Management Accountancy and Business Support arena since 1984. Having worked in the Banking profession and owning and managing a Publishing business successfully went on to sell the business to move into Business Advice / Mentoring / Coaching. In recent years Paul has helped develop a new media […]

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Our Associates

Our team of associates allows us to expand our range of business specialisms to include Strategic Marketing, Business Growth, New product Development, IT Consultancy, Social Media Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Service Design & Management, Business Coaching and Mentoring. Specialist industries include Automotive, General Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Plastics. Food & Drink, Creative & Design and Land Based Rural Businesses. […]

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Working in partnership with

Our track record speaks for itself

Sunrise Bakery

Sunrise Bakery

We have developed a very good working relationship and find it easy to trust their advice as they demonstrate both good business acumen and an understanding of the issues facing small business such as ours. - Errol Drummond - (Managing Director)
Zero Cases UK Ltd

Zero Cases UK Ltd

They have been working in partnership with Zero cases UK Ltd for over 12 months, during this time they have advised and help Zero’s senior management in developing strategic direction and advised on suitable support… their advice has been detailed, accurate and lead to positive development, combined with their enthusiasm and commitment has helped Zero achieve substantial changes to its mode of operation, leading to new product development, 68% if its workforce obtained NVQ, 30% increase in sales and secured its first million dollar order. Mike Dimmack – Plant Manager