Logo (1)Errol Drummond - Managing Director of Sunrise Bakery
"We have developed a very good working relationship and find it easy to trust their advice as they demonstrate both good business acumen and an understanding of the issues facing small business such as ours."
zeroMike Dimmack - Managing Plant Manager of Zero Cases UK Ltd
"They have been working in partnership with Zero cases UK Ltd for over 12 months, during this time they have advised and help Zero’s senior management in developing strategic direction and advised on suitable support… their advice has been detailed, accurate and lead to positive development, combined with their enthusiasm and commitment has helped Zero achieve substantial changes to its mode of operation, leading to new product development, 68% if its workforce obtained NVQ, 30% increase in sales and secured its first million dollar order. "
thompson avcScott Thompson - Managing Director of Thompson AVC
"Thank you for your major contribution for facilitating and implementing the change in our business... this certainly would never have happened without you. Our business has grown now only in terms of financial status and performance, but in terms of wellbeing and culture. The changes you have helped to implement have had a major impact on the whole business and in particular me personally... Our business had its best 12 months ever and we are on target to hit our growth objectives despite the economic conditions."
Wednesfield Shot blastingMichelle Gibbs - Company Secretary of Wednesfield Shot blasting Ltd
"We never thought that this company could be so successful, we have surpasses all our expectations and this has been possible because of all your work."
1409907905919_sowerbys_shoes_final_logoClive Sowerby - Managing Director of Sowerby
"I would like to say how grateful I am for your sound council that as a small businessman, in such unprecedented difficult time, has been so helpful and reassuring. We have now secured our loan, resulting in better cash-flow, more stock and a new part time assistant to cope with the increased trade... All of which would not have happened without your help."
cyberPeter Brough - Director of Cybernautix
"Not only did Andy tell me about how he could help my business but he went out of his way to find out about my business. We had a long informal chat and Andy showed a lot of interest in how I was building my business, the obstacles and future plans. He listened and offered suggestions on how I could tackle issues. From this conversation we formulated a plan to contact new clients, identified a unique selling point to differentiate us from other companies and Andy shared some of his methods of getting a name to ask for when calling which is invaluable in the internet industry that we are in. Andy even chatted to me about the types of companies I could target and the reasons behind it. This has helped me to put together a marketing plan for my business and to get more structure into what we do. From the one hour I chatted to Andy the amount of value on planning and strategy he gave has helped me and my business already."
midland college nat healthDebra Goldston - Managing Director of Midland College of Natural Health
"I would like to say how grateful I am for your sound counsel that as a small businessman, in such an unprecedented difficult time, has been so helpful and reassuring, We now have secured our loan, resulting in better cash-flow, more stock and a new part time assistant to cope with the increased trade... All of which would not have happened without your help."
bcbgChris Wood - Savoy Centre manager of Black Country Housing Group Ltd
"I have know Mr Gupta for 7 years since I came to manage the Savoy Business and Learning Centre in Netherton. He was an active member of the initial steering group for this regeneration project and was responsible for much of the business support and development of the overall project. He has remained a very useful and competent friend to the project and has been involved in delivering support and business development to many of the organisations that we have worked with including a number of social enterprises. His support work has included; Business Planning, Marketing, Access to Finance, Mentoring to start up and established community and social enterprises."
focus_logoCraig Rosenberg - Leader of Focus Expert Network
"Andy Salmon creates high end business content. I truly believe that he will be thought of as one of the best contributors to helping businesses realise their dreams. Andy combines a genuine zeal for making businesses successful with a writing style that is practical and accessible to his audience. As a Focus Expert for Focus.com we always look forward to Andy's contributions."
Mark Robinson - Operations Director of WES
"During the last year we have moved our business forward, as well as relocating to newer and larger premises. During this time they have always been there for us, offering sound, professional, practical and grounded advice as well as putting us in touch with the right people. - They have always taken a hands-on and personal approach to our needs and for that we are grateful."
David Rushton - Director of Business On Rails
"Andrew has been contributing articles to our site for some time now. His articles have the 'magic formula' of being relevant, interesting, concise and very useful. Of all the articles on the website, Andrew's are among the most popular and we look forward to receiving more quality content from him."